Bourgeoisie Bottling Company SM

Our Bougie Story

Bougie Water was introduced to the world by philanthropy group, bourgeoisie socialist and scientific research group, Bourgeoisie Bottling Company. 
Inspired by the findings conducted during scientific research of phenotype, Bourgeoisie Bottling Company discovered the importance of natural molecule structure and alkalinity of water. “We were literally astonished that every disease and ailment plaguing each phenotype was curable with daily consumption of correctly structured water, such as Bougie Water,” said Bourgeoisie Bottling Company.

Bourgeoisie Bottling Company decided that the public should have access to enjoy the same great tasting, clean and refreshing pH structured alkaline water that the privileged consumed daily. Bourgeoisie Bottling Company concluded, “We always thought about how bourgeoisie or bougie we are to be able to drink the very best water available to modern man, daily. Now others can experience a new level of 
being bougie.”