Bourgeoisie Bottling Company SM

What Makes Us Special

What Makes Us Special

e serenade our water with a rare classical hydro-acoustic sound pitch of 8 hertz produced by specialty organ pipes. The rare hydro-acoustic pitch of 8 hertz is earth’s natural frequency for proper molecule structure and regeneration. The scientific development of hydro-acoustics began in 1687 when Isaac Newton wrote his Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy which included the first mathematical treatment of sound. 

Our exquisite patent pending hydro-acoustic filtration process changes the structure or "DNA" of the source water so that optimal hydration occurs immediately. The complete patent pending alkaline filtration process results in a Lighter, Tastier, Better, Wetter Water that is sustained above a 8pH. To ensure luxury quality and a full bodied water, our imported hand crafted bottles are topped with our patent pending deluxe coral filtration cap.

In addition to exposure to our patent pending hydro-acoustic filtration process and patent pending deluxe coral filtration cap, our Limited Edition patent pending hand crafted specialty bottles feature a glowing therapeutic light that helps you to increase your energy level naturally

"If your going to be Bougie about anything, you should be Bougie about your Water."
-Bourgeoisie Bottling Company